Animal Husbandry Farmer Yojana

By | January 10, 2021

Animal Husbandry Farmer Yojana

Animal husbandry farmers will get 50% government subsidy on the purchase of chaff cutters, apply on this way

Under Submission on Agricultural Mechanization: 50Y% of the cost for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Small-Marginal, Women Farmers or Rs. 25,000 / – whichever is less.

Farmers used to cultivate with traditional methods but now farmers have awakened and are using modern technology in their farming. The importance of mechanization in agriculture to cultivate by modern methods is increasing. Assistance is provided by the Department of Agriculture for the purchase of chaff cutters under mechanization.

મુખ્યમંત્રી અમૃતમ અને “મા” વાત્સલ્ય યોજના -ગુજરાત

The leafy part of the fodder and the stalked part of the fodder are collected in small pieces by sifting the stalks or other fodder given to the animals for the livestock farmers so that the stalked part which is not normally eaten by the animal is mixed with the leaf and the fodder is not spoiled. The chaff cutter cuts the fodder into small pieces so that the animal can chew well. About 30% of fodder is saved. Green fodder and dry fodder can be combined and cut into pieces in a chaff cutter. Thus even dry fodder is eaten without spoiling the animals. Now the government is helping to buy this machine.

Standard of assistance under Submission on Agricultural Mechanization

Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, Small-Marginal, Women Farmer will get 50% of the cost or Rs. 25,000 / – whichever is less.

Under the same scheme, other farmers will get 40% of the cost or Rs. 20,000 / – whichever is less.

લગ્ન કરવા પર સરકાર કરશે 1 લાખની સહાય

Standard of assistance for power operated chaff cutters for general farmers

50% of the total cost or Rs.15,000 / – whichever is less for the small and marginal farmer, female farmer beneficiary under AGR-2 FM.

For other farmer beneficiary 40% of the total cost or Rs.12,000 / – whichever is less

Standard of assistance for power operated chaff cutters for Scheduled Caste farmers

50% of the total cost under AGR-4 FM or Rs.15,000 whichever is less

The farmer will have to take this action to get help for the chaff cutter.

Must apply online in ikhedu portal.

After getting the print of the component applied in the i-farmer portal and signing it, the thumb has to submit the copy to the concerned district office.

જે ખેડૂતને રૂ. 2000 જમા થયેલ ના હોય તો અહીં ક્લિક કરી આ કામ કરો 

The following supporting evidence must be submitted with the application.

Latest copy of seven bars and eight a

Copy of bank passbook or canceled check

Copy of identity and residence proof of farmer beneficiary

Example of competent officer for Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Caste farmers

Online Application On ikhedut Portal 2021Click Here

After purchasing the chaff cutter within the time limit and submitting the required supporting evidence, proper verification will be done by the concerned officer and the assistance amount will be credited to the farmer’s

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