Saman Vetan Yojna

By | December 16, 2020

Saman Vetan Yojna

Announced by the Ministry of Labor
Changed rules for female employees
A change in the way we work from celery
The Ministry of Labor has proposed a new Labor Code in Parliament. After that, things will get better. Women workers will benefit the most from the New Labor Code.

Proposal on wages

Based on other proposals, they will get permission to work in many fields. Not only this, in the case of salary, it is also proposed to get the same status as men.

Digital payment facility will be available

Apart from this, digital payments in Aadhaar Linked account will ensure equal pay and minimum wage for women. Which will greatly benefit working women.

This will be approved

Women workers will also get permission to work in every field like minerals, construction etc. Until then he had not been allowed to work in these areas. Only male workers could work in it.

Equal pay scheme

Everyone will be relieved of the worry of low pay for women with the help of an equal pay scheme, digital payment. Apart from this, in unorganized areas of the country, women workers were paid less than men, but the new code will eliminate wage discrimination. The same wage scheme will now apply to male and female workers. The right person will get paid digitally. So there will be no possibility of fraud.

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